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4gewe3g6edgeWhen I make a decision, no matter it is big or small, no matter what, how many know this person, always so some people laugh at decision, may be the reasons or the response is, will you? Who are you? Are you kidding? You can do it? Impossible. This is not for you. You better not do. Not a question is negative. Some people will be less, in support of you. When, my little campaign campaign monitor, Captain, class is for those who get good grades, class activists stood out, "you also choose the monitor, not?" And so I did, when the. When I was a student of remote area, I think the exam score, rise head and shoulders above others admitted to university, then what good, from small partners say I "dreaming again? Do you think playing?" Finally, I also do, even came to a good school provinces. When I entered the University, let me fall in love with such a persistent person I think can appreciate his perception of his life and close friend said, "you don't fit, you had better give up" I hesitated, doubted, but I didn't think I was so determined to take so long, because it was he, or I changed. I own has been freely. I don't think, this word is a word, because the reality of the society and the evaluation of the outside world view has let us put myself too well hidden, can not arbitrarily to pursue to feel the love. Our goal must be like everyone in pursuit of fashion as is, we feel must be with you feel is correct, we love to love you like a pattern is appropriate. So, we are pursuing the same things, aware of the same world, love. But, I want is love, love of personality, love is not necessarily to be most people love, like an old lady like collecting coins, and then put it in a bag; like sleeping under a pile of clothes inside, like sleep in the nest dog; for example, the street all in one Korean clothes when I choose relaxed style; for example, my roommates are looking for novels, I began to write what. I change a variety of styles from big one to the present, not because I am too pursuit of beauty, to tell the truth, the hair. This was not for me, or is very ugly. And I just in the pursuit of change, would not let himself sink. I like I said so in a word, the hair will come and go. Even short, always grows back, and I was made to a lot of people did not dare to do, change. This change is my a freewheeling. There are several types of my good friends, lively, belongs to the general relationship between strangers are good points, can have fun and talk. Have the gift of the gab, say more, said happily. Quiet abdomen black, is the kind of people who are familiar with only exposed nature, the rest of the time is very quiet, but this one is my close friend. I was to become the first layer and every kind of people, do not touch my bottom line, and I was when I want, and mood or fate one called suddenly have a feeling I will take the initiative to contact and then naturally into second kinds, and third kinds of people, do not need much effort but a natural attraction, I and this kind of person just become friends, no mutual tolerance and give much, not cater to and please, is that the right to become the most intimate relationship. And I want another. I like this one, I put this understanding as a dedicated my. Because, I am a very easy to be influenced by them. Because, I will try to take into account everyone feel. But, really when I, when be careless with the people around, I really, I am attached to my liking things and people. I looked at my love movie "my left eye sees ghost" and moved. I like I like boys and be at a loss what to do. I looked at was very don't like history is focused on the women novelists story. I like Britain in eighteenth Century, Russia in nineteenth Century, because it was there I love works. So, I put my not being loved by others, and stick with joy as a rigid, I give this a dedicated myself to my way. So, my way, mostly is one kind of feeling, is a kind of non rational. When I own I is an arbitrary one, that is to say I was a sentimental person. But not everyone can know my emotional inside, I often take it to someone close to me. I want, but is a kind of pursuit of the spirit of adventure, is a kind of feeling to meet the fate of friends thought, can also be a love for yourself and not be to cling to and others. But, in our rational mask, how many people were I to wriggle out of it, and believe that I am a very rational person?
2.5.14 04:38


Self confidence!Self love

All the time, all love letters, leisure time into space to read some make me happy and love letters. There is also a time when many night thoughts the most complicated, multiple pen to write something about life naggings pen, but when he put it down, sometimes think, those who claimed not to actively words definitely affects my confidence, but said more and have what use? In this trivial things I found myself growing up. Really, he was defeated by the reality of the society, the society you are not strong him no one for you to be strong, even if you are not in this world or the sun will still rise! He is the most socially tiny figures, everyone in the search for different place and destination, we are all chasing, in their respective life scream, and struggle! A lot of time, are lost in our life, our future, I thought it was the parents' education influence character by environment rooted. How much time will feel a sense of loneliness, people are lonely, sad not to feel lonely, and afraid of loneliness. I have been accustomed to this kind of lonely, not to fear it.. Looking back on the 20 years of time, feel very failure, and what do I get? What I have? Looking back on my childhood, that is really cannot bear to think of the past childhood, but up to now, don't say those things already past, death belongs to the past! No matter what kind of family, what kind of parents, at least they are on my side, they are old, I need love...... Looking back, I one word at the beginning of the youth? I have what worth remembering? Have to say, you little people can have what worth remembering? They say the youth must be miserable, but my youth had so dull...... Life is really lost, a lot of, learning is not good, did not go to university, who should experience the good life I have not experienced, simply, struggle in the society of this years a lot of experience...... Until now, I still think that 20 years the way I go, really no one thing is let me have the memories or memorable...... For the future, I am still confused, since childhood by the parents that both traditional and conventional thinking to carry out long, really don't want parents so meaningless alive, really don't want them to save a life not to treat yourself, to the most is what is missed, what are no, back to a lifetime of hard physical work A lot of time in the silence of the night before and think back to the future, do not rest content with the status quo, do not want to eat mixed wait for death to live, but a lot of the time really, the more I struggle is life Le closer, alive is a state of mind, that what this state of mind can be successful.? For love, can only say that both in the word at the beginning of the age or now, never felt the feeling there something! Sister is old, how many years do not feel the love at first sight. Today's society, emotion is the most not reliable things, I absolutely will not allow any person to become our necessities of life, to do an independent woman!! Do not need to rely on any one person! All the feelings of things let it be just fine! Wait, take this a few years and think about what is the pursuit of their own!! Should spend more time on your parents. For friendship, still think those who grew up with you long to the students is the most worthy of pay. Some words, you know it, don't have deep said, some people, knowledge is good, do not have to Shenzhen Come on, how to survive, adhere to their own stick! Attitude adjustment, continue to read the text, do the most perfect myself! Do most authentic self! Self confidence! Self love
14.3.14 05:15


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